Friday, August 21, 2015

All You Need is Cake!

A Life Long Wedding

was given the distinct opportunity to be a part of a wedding for some dear friends.  Many years ago I babysat this bride as a youngster. 

What a fabulous event it was, but more importantly I had the pleasure of collaborating with my wonderfully talented mother and sister. They are talented, beautiful and wonderful to work with.  

My sister Summer, designed the cake and did the cake tastings. My mother, SK on Elderberry, planned the entire event, plus created the expansive floral designs. And the florals on the cake. 

We started by baking, filling and crumb coating all five layers of the cakes. You can see more of this process at: SK on Elderberry
This cake was huge and just to give you an idea of the scope of this project, we made 76 cups of chocolate cake batter and 60 cups of French vanilla batter. That is a Hell of a lot of cake batter. After all was filled, stacked, and frosted, we began the decorations.

We used an edible silver spray for the largest and bottom tier.  The bride and groom love chocolate and wanted chocolate icing and of course we wanted them to love their cake. But we also needed to make the cake blend and fit the color scheme of gray and pinks.  The silver Degrees would not cover the chocolate color of the frosting. Thus the edible silver spray.

Summer was clearly better at this step.  It turned out amazing. These little balls of silver sugar will be bouncing around the kitchen for months.

We then continued with the other tiers. With textured white Buttercream frosting, a trickle, raining down of pink and silver Dragees, ribbon and pink lace covered tiers.
After this bit of backbreaking work, it was time to box it up and deliver this 130 lb. cake to the venue. We boxed the cakes into 3 separate boxes for safety and stacked it on location.  We were on a tight photographers schedule, so very little fussy was required. Mom needed at least an hour to finish the floral creations on the cake.
With hearts tapping double time, we finished the frosting, ribbon and lace. My mom, artist SK Sartell finished it off with her beautiful florals.  After all was said and done this mammoth of a cake weighed 135 lbs + and over 50" inches tall.  

Mom actually needed a ladder to reach the top. Battery powered fairy lights entangled the bottom tier and the florals giving it a last little sparkle.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with two of the most talented women I know. And no surprise here, this beautiful creation tasted a wonderful as she looked.

Being part of this magnificent event has been the biggest challenge so far in my career.  

Chef Darcy
Silver Spoon Cakes. 

SK on Elderberry 

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